JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

Package org.jboss.marshalling

The marshalling API.


Interface Summary
ByteInput An input stream of bytes.
ByteOutput An output stream of bytes.
ClassExternalizerFactory A factory for locating custom externalizers.
ClassResolver A class annotator and resolver.
ClassTable A lookup mechanism for predefined classes.
ClassTable.Writer The class writer for a specific class.
Creator An instance creator.
ExceptionListener A listener for exceptions which occur during marshalling or unmarshalling.
Externalizer A replacement serializer for an object class.
Marshaller An object marshaller for writing objects to byte streams.
MarshallerFactory The main marshaller factory.
NioByteInput.BufferReturn A handler for returning buffers which are have been exhausted.
NioByteInput.InputHandler A handler for events relating to the consumption of data from a NioByteInput instance.
NioByteOutput.BufferWriter A buffer writer for an NioByteOutput.
ObjectResolver Resolver for substituting objects in a stream.
ObjectTable A lookup mechanism for predefined object references.
ObjectTable.Writer The object writer for a specific object.
ProviderDescriptor A provider descriptor for automatically-discovered marshalling factory types.
SerializabilityChecker A checker to determine whether an object class should be treated as serializable.
StreamHeader A producer of stream headers.
Unmarshaller An unmarshaller which reads objects from a stream.

Class Summary
AbstractClassResolver A base implementation of ClassResolver which simply resolves the class against a classloader which is specified by the subclass implementation.
AbstractExternalizer An externalizer base class which handles object creation in a default fashion.
AbstractMarshaller An abstract implementation of the Marshaller interface.
AbstractMarshallerFactory An abstract implementation of the MarshallerFactory interface.
AbstractObjectOutput An abstract object output implementation.
AbstractUnmarshaller An abstract implementation of the Unmarshaller interface.
AnnotationClassExternalizerFactory An externalizer factory which looks for the presence of the Externalize annotation.
ByteBufferInput An InputStream which implements ByteInput and reads bytes from a ByteBuffer.
ByteBufferOutput An OutputStream implementing ByteOutput which writes to a ByteBuffer.
ByteInputStream An InputStream which implements ByteInput and reads bytes from another ByteInput.
ByteOutputStream An OutputStream which implements ByteOutput and writes bytes to another ByteOutput.
BytePipe A paired ByteInput and ByteOutput.
ChainingClassExternalizerFactory A class externalizer factory that tries each delegate externalizer factory in sequence, returning the first match.
ChainingClassTable A class table that multiplexes up to 256 class tables.
ChainingObjectResolver An object resolver which runs a sequence of object resolvers.
ChainingObjectTable An object table that multiplexes up to 256 class tables.
ContextClassResolver A class resolver which uses the context classloader to resolve classes.
FieldSetter A setter for a (possibly final) field, which allows for correct object initialization of Serializable objects with readObject() methods, even in the presence of final fields.
InputStreamByteInput An InputStream implementing ByteInput which reads input from another InputStream.
LimitedByteInput A limited byte input stream.
LimitedByteOutput A limited byte output stream.
MappingClassExternalizerFactory An externalizer factory which uses a fixed mapping from class to externalizer.
MarshallerObjectInput A marshaller's object input.
MarshallerObjectInputStream A marshaller's object input stream.
MarshallerObjectOutput A marshaller's object output.
MarshallerObjectOutputStream A marshaller's object output stream.
Marshalling Static utility methods for simplifying use of marshallers.
MarshallingConfiguration A Marshaller configuration.
MarshallingObjectOutputStream An object output stream which wraps a Marshaller, which may be used by legacy ObjectOutputStream-based applications that wish to use the marshalling framework.
ModularClassResolver A class table which implements an alternate class resolution strategy based on JBoss Modules.
ModularClassTable A class table which implements an alternate class resolution strategy based on JBoss Modules.
NioByteInput A ByteInput implementation which is populated asynchronously with ByteBuffer instances.
NioByteOutput A ByteOutput implementation which writes out ByteBuffers to a consumer.
ObjectInputStreamUnmarshaller An Unmarshaller which simply wraps an object stream.
ObjectOutputStreamMarshaller A Marshaller which simply wraps an object stream.
OutputStreamByteOutput An OutputStream which implements ByteInput and reads data from another OutputStream.
Pair<A,B> A serializable pair of values.
Pair.Externalizer An externalizer for Pair instances.
SimpleByteInput A simple byte input which extends InputStream.
SimpleByteOutput A simple byte output which extends OutputStream.
SimpleClassResolver A class resolver which uses a predefined classloader.
TraceInformation.ClassInfo Information about a class which was being (un-)marshalled at the time an exception occurred.
TraceInformation.FieldInfo Information about a field which was being marshalled at the time an exception occurred.
TraceInformation.IncompleteObjectInfo Information about an incomplete object being unmarshalled.
TraceInformation.IndexInfo Information about an index in an array or collection.
TraceInformation.Info Information about the circumstances surrounding (un)marshalling.
TraceInformation.ObjectInfo Information about an object which was being (un-)marshalled at the time an exception occurred.
TraceInformation.UserInfo User information.
UnmarshallingObjectInputStream An object input stream which wraps an Unmarshaller, which may be used by legacy ObjectInputStream-based applications that wish to use the marshalling framework.
UTFUtils Handy utility methods for dealing with strings in the modified UTF-8 format.
Version The version of the Marshalling API.

Enum Summary

Annotation Types Summary
Externalize Indicate that this class should be externalized by an instance of the given externalizer class.

Package org.jboss.marshalling Description

The marshalling API. Marshalling is done by use of Marshaller and Unmarshaller instances. These instances are acquired from a MarshallerFactory using a Configuration to configure them. The default implementation is the River protocol, usable by way of the org.jboss.marshalling.river package.

JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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