JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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Packages that use ByteOutput
org.jboss.marshalling The marshalling API. 

Uses of ByteOutput in org.jboss.marshalling

Subinterfaces of ByteOutput in org.jboss.marshalling
 interface Marshaller
          An object marshaller for writing objects to byte streams.

Classes in org.jboss.marshalling that implement ByteOutput
 class AbstractMarshaller
          An abstract implementation of the Marshaller interface.
 class AbstractObjectOutput
          An abstract object output implementation.
 class ByteBufferOutput
          An OutputStream implementing ByteOutput which writes to a ByteBuffer.
 class ByteOutputStream
          An OutputStream which implements ByteOutput and writes bytes to another ByteOutput.
 class LimitedByteOutput
          A limited byte output stream.
 class MarshallerObjectOutputStream
          A marshaller's object output stream.
 class NioByteOutput
          A ByteOutput implementation which writes out ByteBuffers to a consumer.
 class ObjectOutputStreamMarshaller
          A Marshaller which simply wraps an object stream.
 class OutputStreamByteOutput
          An OutputStream which implements ByteInput and reads data from another OutputStream.
 class SimpleByteOutput
          A simple byte output which extends OutputStream.
 class SimpleDataOutput

Fields in org.jboss.marshalling declared as ByteOutput
protected  ByteOutput ByteOutputStream.byteOutput

Methods in org.jboss.marshalling that return ByteOutput
static ByteOutput Marshalling.createByteOutput(ByteBuffer buffer)
          Create a ByteOutput wrapper for a ByteBuffer.
static ByteOutput Marshalling.createByteOutput(OutputStream outputStream)
          Create a ByteOutput wrapper for an OutputStream.
 ByteOutput BytePipe.getOutput()
          Get the output side of this pipe.

Methods in org.jboss.marshalling with parameters of type ByteOutput
static OutputStream Marshalling.createOutputStream(ByteOutput byteOutput)
          Create a OutputStream wrapper for a ByteOutput.
protected  void SimpleDataOutput.start(ByteOutput byteOutput)
          Begin writing to a stream.
 void Marshaller.start(ByteOutput newOutput)
          Begin marshalling to a stream.
 void AbstractMarshaller.start(ByteOutput byteOutput)
          Begin writing to a stream.
 void ObjectOutputStreamMarshaller.start(ByteOutput newOutput)
          Begin marshalling to a stream.
 void StreamHeader.writeHeader(ByteOutput output)
          Write the stream header to the stream.
static void UTFUtils.writeUTFBytes(ByteOutput output, String s)
          Write the modified UTF-8 form of the given string to the given output.

Constructors in org.jboss.marshalling with parameters of type ByteOutput
ByteOutputStream(ByteOutput byteOutput)
          Construct a new instance.
LimitedByteOutput(ByteOutput byteOutput, long limit)
          Construct a new instance.
MarshallingObjectOutputStream(Marshaller marshaller, ByteOutput byteOutput)
          Construct a new instance that delegates to the given marshaller.
SimpleDataOutput(ByteOutput byteOutput)
SimpleDataOutput(int bufferSize, ByteOutput byteOutput)

JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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