JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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Packages that use ExceptionListener
org.jboss.marshalling The marshalling API. 

Uses of ExceptionListener in org.jboss.marshalling

Fields in org.jboss.marshalling declared as ExceptionListener
protected  ExceptionListener AbstractUnmarshaller.exceptionListener
          The configured exception listener.
protected  ExceptionListener AbstractMarshaller.exceptionListener
          The configured exception listener.
static ExceptionListener ExceptionListener.NO_OP
          An exception listener which does nothing.

Methods in org.jboss.marshalling that return ExceptionListener
 ExceptionListener MarshallingConfiguration.getExceptionListener()
          Get the exception listener to use.

Methods in org.jboss.marshalling with parameters of type ExceptionListener
 void MarshallingConfiguration.setExceptionListener(ExceptionListener exceptionListener)
          Set the exception listener to use.

JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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