JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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Packages that use MarshallerFactory
org.jboss.marshalling The marshalling API. 

Uses of MarshallerFactory in org.jboss.marshalling

Classes in org.jboss.marshalling that implement MarshallerFactory
 class AbstractMarshallerFactory
          An abstract implementation of the MarshallerFactory interface.

Methods in org.jboss.marshalling that return MarshallerFactory
 MarshallerFactory ProviderDescriptor.getMarshallerFactory()
          Get the marshaller factory instance for this provider.
static MarshallerFactory Marshalling.getMarshallerFactory(String name)
          Deprecated. It is recommended that you use Marshalling.getProvidedMarshallerFactory(String) instead; using the context class loader to find a marshalling implementation is risky at best as the user may have just about anything on their class path.
static MarshallerFactory Marshalling.getMarshallerFactory(String name, ClassLoader classLoader)
          Get a marshaller factory, by name.
static MarshallerFactory Marshalling.getProvidedMarshallerFactory(String name)
          Get a marshaller factory which is visible to this implementation, by name.

JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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