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Packages that use TokenStream
org.modeshape.cnd Compact Node Definition (CND) defines JCR node types, property definitions, and child node definitions in a concise and easy-to-read form. 
org.modeshape.common.text A set of utilities for working with text. 
org.modeshape.graph.query.parse This package defines the QueryParser interface, which defines a component that can parse a query represented in a specific language and produce the corresponding abstract query model representation. 
org.modeshape.sequencer.ddl The classes that make up the DDL sequencer, which is capable of parsing the more important DDL statements from SQL-92, Oracle, Derby, and PostgreSQL, and constructing a graph structure containing a structured representation of these statements. 

Uses of TokenStream in org.modeshape.cnd

Methods in org.modeshape.cnd with parameters of type TokenStream
protected  void CndImporter.parseChildNodeDefinition(TokenStream tokens, Path nodeTypePath)
          Parse a node type's child node definition from the next tokens on the stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseDefaultType(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties)
          Parse the child node definition's default type, if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseDefaultValues(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties)
          Parse the property definition's default value, if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  Name CndImporter.parseName(TokenStream tokens)
          Parse the name that is expected to be next on the token stream.
protected  List<Name> CndImporter.parseNameList(TokenStream tokens)
          Parse a list of names, separated by commas.
protected  void CndImporter.parseNamespaceMapping(TokenStream tokens)
          Parse the namespace mapping statement that is next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseNodeAttributes(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties, Name childNodeDefnName, Path childNodeDefnPath)
          Parse the child node definition's attributes, if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseNodeTypeDefinition(TokenStream tokens, Path path)
          Parse the node type definition that is next on the token stream.
protected  Name CndImporter.parseNodeTypeName(TokenStream tokens)
          Parse a node type name that appears next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseNodeTypeOptions(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties)
          Parse the options for the node types, including whether the node type is orderable, a mixin, abstract, whether it supports querying, and which property/child node (if any) is the primary item for the node type.
protected  void CndImporter.parsePropertyAttributes(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties, Name propDefnName, Path propDefnPath)
          Parse the property definition's attributes, if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parsePropertyDefinition(TokenStream tokens, Path nodeTypePath)
          Parse a node type's property definition from the next tokens on the stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parsePropertyOrChildNodeDefinitions(TokenStream tokens, Path nodeTypePath)
          Parse a node type's property or child node definitions that appear next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parsePropertyType(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties, String defaultPropertyType)
          Parse the property type, if a valid one appears next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseQueryOperators(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties)
          Parse the property definition's query operators, if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseRequiredPrimaryTypes(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties)
          Parse the child node definition's list of required primary types, if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  List<String> CndImporter.parseStringList(TokenStream tokens)
          Parse a list of strings, separated by commas.
protected  List<Name> CndImporter.parseSupertypes(TokenStream tokens)
          Parse an optional list of supertypes if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseValueConstraints(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties)
          Parse the property definition's value constraints, if they appear next on the token stream.
protected  void CndImporter.parseVendorExtensions(TokenStream tokens, List<Property> properties)
          Parse the vendor extensions that may appear next on the tokenzied stream.

Uses of TokenStream in org.modeshape.common.text

Methods in org.modeshape.common.text that return TokenStream
 TokenStream TokenStream.start()
          Begin the token stream, including (if required) the tokenization of the input content.

Uses of TokenStream in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.query.parse with parameters of type TokenStream
 FullTextSearch.Term FullTextSearchParser.parse(TokenStream tokens)
          Parse the full-text search criteria from the supplied token stream.
protected  Operator SqlQueryParser.parseComparisonOperator(TokenStream tokens)
protected  Constraint SqlQueryParser.parseConstraint(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  FullTextSearch.Term FullTextSearchParser.parseDisjunctedTerms(TokenStream tokens)
protected  DynamicOperand SqlQueryParser.parseDynamicOperand(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  Source SqlQueryParser.parseFrom(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  List<StaticOperand> SqlQueryParser.parseInClause(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  JoinCondition SqlQueryParser.parseJoinCondition(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  Limit SqlQueryParser.parseLimit(TokenStream tokens)
protected  Literal SqlQueryParser.parseLiteral(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  Object SqlQueryParser.parseLiteralValue(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  String SqlQueryParser.parseName(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  NamedSelector SqlQueryParser.parseNamedSelector(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  List<Ordering> SqlQueryParser.parseOrderBy(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  Ordering SqlQueryParser.parseOrdering(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  String SqlQueryParser.parsePath(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  Constraint SqlQueryParser.parsePropertyExistance(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  PropertyValue SqlQueryParser.parsePropertyValue(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  Query SqlQueryParser.parseQuery(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  QueryCommand SqlQueryParser.parseQueryCommand(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  ReferenceValue SqlQueryParser.parseReferenceValue(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  List<org.modeshape.graph.query.parse.ColumnExpression> SqlQueryParser.parseSelect(TokenStream tokens, AtomicBoolean isDistinct, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  SelectorName SqlQueryParser.parseSelectorName(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  SetQuery SqlQueryParser.parseSetQuery(TokenStream tokens, QueryCommand leftHandSide, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  StaticOperand SqlQueryParser.parseStaticOperand(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  FullTextSearch.Term FullTextSearchParser.parseTerm(TokenStream tokens)
protected  Constraint SqlQueryParser.parseWhere(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)

Uses of TokenStream in org.modeshape.jcr.query

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.query with parameters of type TokenStream
protected  Constraint JcrSqlQueryParser.parseConstraint(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
          Parse a constraint clause.
protected  Source JcrSqlQueryParser.parseFrom(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  Object JcrSqlQueryParser.parseLiteralValue(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  String JcrSqlQueryParser.parseName(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
           Parsing behavior is overridden to that JCR-SQL style (unquoted prefixed) names are allowed.
protected  JcrNamedSelector JcrSql2QueryParser.parseNamedSelector(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  Constraint JcrSqlQueryParser.parsePropertyExistance(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem, Source source)
protected  Query JcrSqlQueryParser.parseQuery(TokenStream tokens, TypeSystem typeSystem)
protected  SetQuery JcrSql2QueryParser.parseSetQuery(TokenStream tokens, QueryCommand leftHandSide, TypeSystem typeSystem)

Uses of TokenStream in org.modeshape.sequencer.ddl

Subclasses of TokenStream in org.modeshape.sequencer.ddl
 class DdlTokenStream
          A TokenStream implementation designed around requirements for tokenizing and parsing DDL statements.

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