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Chapter 13. PicketLink Subsystem

13.1. Overview

The PicketLink Subsystem extends JBoss Application Server to introduce some new capabilities, providing a infrastructure to deploy and manage PicketLink deployments and services.
In a nutshell, the most important capabilities are:
  • A rich domain model supporting the configuration of PicketLink Federation (specially SAML-based applications) deployments and Identity Management services.
  • Minimal configuration for deployments. Part of the configuration is done automatically with some hooks for customizations.
  • Minimal dependencies for deployments. All PicketLink dependencies are automatically set from modules.
  • Configuration management using JBoss Application Server Management API. It can be managed in different ways: HTTP/JSON, CLI, Native DMR, etc.
  • Identity Management Services are exposed in JNDI and are fully integrated with CDI.
  • Applications don't need to change when moving between different environments such as development, testing, staging or production. All the configuration is defined outside the application.
  • Users should learn a single and consolidated schema.


The subsystem is only available in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.3+ and WildFly 9.