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Demos For Jopr 2.0 and 2.1

Jopr 2.1 and 2.0 Demos

The following are Flash demos of Jopr 2.0 and 2.1. These are still applicable to Jopr 2.2, even though the screens may look different. The concepts and features are still the same, even though you access them differently in the new Jopr 2.2 user interface.

If you wish to download the Flash files for offline viewing, or if you want to view the tutorial at a size that fits your screen, right-click the "download" links below and select "Save Link As".


2 minutes

This is a very short demo that provides an introduction to Jopr. Please view this demo if you are new to Jopr and want to familiarise yourself.

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EAR/WAR Deployment & Redeployment

Jopr views deployment and redeployment is distinct processes. As such, they use two different workflows at the UI layer.

High Availability

This demo shows you how to install a new Jopr Server into your HA Server cloud. It also demonstrates agent failover as an illustration of how Jopr can maintain connectivity to agents even in the face of one or more Jopr Servers going down.

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Security in Jopr

This two-part demo guides you on how you can create users, roles and resource groups in order to provide access-control within Jopr. This demo introduces the concept of "recursive" resource groups and how it is useful when segmenting your inventory for access among different users.

The first part of this demo covers creating users, roles and groups. The second part covers logging into Jopr as one of the new users to demonstrate the access-controls in action.

(view part 1) (download part 1)

(view part 2) (download part 2)

Managing JBoss EAP using Jopr

5 minutes 43 seconds, includes audio

This demo shows the steps required to manage a JBoss EAP instance using Jopr.

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Installing Jopr Server and Agent as Windows Services

This demo guides you on how you can quickly install the Jopr Server and Jopr Agent as Windows Services. This allows you to ensure your Server and Agent start automatically at boot time.

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16 minutes

This demo shows you how alerts are defined and are used to proactively manage your environment. Alerts allow you to define custom condition sets and to be notified in several ways when the defined condition sets occur in your environment.

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10 minutes, includes audio

This demo shows you how operations are defined and used. Operations allow you to start operations defined on resources and on compatible groups.

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How Jopr Is Used To Tune Jopr

15 minutes, includes audio

This demo shows you how the developers use Jopr for performance tuning of Jopr. Please view the demo to see how we use the tool to tune Jopr in order to learn how you can use it for your own applications.

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Group Definitions and Dyna-Groups

3 minutes, 30 seconds

This demo will illustrate how using group definitions can allow you to quickly create mulitple groups dynamically, without having to individually select all resources that you want in the group. This is a great feature for those who have very large inventories and find that creating and maintaining groups that contain many resources is too unwieldy. Create Dyna-Groups and you'll never create groups manually again!

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Monitoring Hibernate

7 minutes

This demo shows how you can manage and monitor your Hibernate/EJB3/JPA applications, even if they are running in their own, standalone J2SE environment.

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Monitoring Your Custom JMX MBeans

about 15 minutes

This demo shows how you can quickly write your own custom JMX plugin and use it to
manage and monitor your Java applications via their management MBeans, whether they are running in their own, standalone J2SE environment or a JBossAS server.

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Configuration Change Alerting and Notification

about 8 minutes

This demo shows how you can define alerts to notify you when a managed resource has its configuration changed unexpectedly. Use this feature to provide configuration oversight within your managed network environment.

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