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Uses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria

Subclasses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria
 class CriteriaSubqueryImpl<T>
          The Hibernate implementation of the JPA Subquery contract.

Uses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression

Subclasses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression
 class BinaryArithmeticOperation<N extends Number>
          Models standard arithmetc operations with two operands.
 class CoalesceExpression<T>
          Models an ANSI SQL COALESCE expression.
 class ConcatExpression
          A string concatenation.
 class EntityTypeExpression<T>
          TODO : javadoc
 class ListIndexExpression
          An expression for referring to the index of a list.
 class LiteralExpression<T>
          Represents a literal expression.
 class MapEntryExpression<K,V>
          TODO : javadoc
 class NullifExpression<T>
          Models an ANSI SQL NULLIF expression.
 class NullLiteralExpression<T>
          Represents a NULLliteral expression.
 class ParameterExpressionImpl<T>
          Defines a parameter specification, or the information about a parameter (where it occurs, what is its type, etc).
 class PathTypeExpression<T>
          Used to construct the result of Path.type()
 class SearchedCaseExpression<R>
          Models what ANSI SQL terms a searched case expression.
 class SimpleCaseExpression<C,R>
          Models what ANSI SQL terms a simple case statement.
 class SizeOfCollectionExpression<C extends Collection>
          Represents a "size of" expression in regards to a persistent collection; the implication is that of a subquery.
 class SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression<Y>
          Represents a SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression.Modifier.ALL, SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression.Modifier.ANY, SubqueryComparisonModifierExpression.Modifier.SOME modifier appplied to a subquery as part of a comparison.
 class UnaryArithmeticOperation<T>
          Models unary arithmetic operation (unary plus and unary minus).

Uses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression.function

Subclasses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression.function
 class AbsFunction<N extends Number>
          Models the ANSI SQL ABS function.
 class AggregationFunction<T>
          Models SQL aggregation functions (MIN, MAX, COUNT, etc).
static class AggregationFunction.AVG
          Implementation of a AVG function providing convenience in construction.
static class AggregationFunction.COUNT
          Implementation of a COUNT function providing convenience in construction.
static class AggregationFunction.GREATEST<X extends Comparable<X>>
          Models the MAX function in terms of non-numeric expressions.
static class AggregationFunction.LEAST<X extends Comparable<X>>
          Models the MIN function in terms of non-numeric expressions.
static class AggregationFunction.MAX<N extends Number>
          Implementation of a MAX function providing convenience in construction.
static class AggregationFunction.MIN<N extends Number>
          Implementation of a MIN function providing convenience in construction.
static class AggregationFunction.SUM<N extends Number>
          Implementation of a SUM function providing convenience in construction.
 class BasicFunctionExpression<X>
          Models the basic concept of a SQL function.
 class CastFunction<T,Y>
          Models a CAST function.
 class CurrentDateFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL CURRENT_DATE function.
 class CurrentTimeFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL CURRENT_TIME function.
 class CurrentTimestampFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function.
 class LengthFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL LENGTH function.
 class LocateFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL LOCATE function.
 class LowerFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL LOWER function.
 class ParameterizedFunctionExpression<X>
          Support for functions with parameters.
 class SqrtFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL SQRT function.
 class SubstringFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL SUBSTRING function.
 class TrimFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL TRIM function.
 class UpperFunction
          Models the ANSI SQL UPPER function.

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression.function that return ExpressionImpl
 ExpressionImpl<Y> CastFunction.getCastSource()

Constructors in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression.function with parameters of type ExpressionImpl
CastFunction(CriteriaBuilderImpl criteriaBuilder, Class<T> javaType, ExpressionImpl<Y> castSource)

Uses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path

Subclasses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path
 class AbstractFromImpl<Z,X>
          Convenience base class for various From implementors.
 class AbstractJoinImpl<Z,X>
          TODO : javadoc
 class AbstractPathImpl<X>
          Convenience base class for various Path implementors.
 class CollectionAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class ListAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class MapAttributeJoin<O,K,V>
          TODO : javadoc
static class MapKeyHelpers.MapKeyPath<K>
          Models a path to a map key.
static class MapKeyHelpers.MapKeySource<K,V>
          Defines a Path for the map which can then be used to represent the source of the map key "attribute".
 class PluralAttributeJoinSupport<O,C,E>
          Support for defining joins to plural attributes (JPA requires typing based on the specific collection type so we cannot really implement all support in a single class)
 class PluralAttributePath<X>
          Models a path for a PluralAttribute generally obtained from a Path.get(javax.persistence.metamodel.SingularAttribute) call
 class RootImpl<X>
          TODO : javadoc
 class SetAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class SingularAttributeJoin<Z,X>
          TODO : javadoc
 class SingularAttributePath<X>
          Models a path for a SingularAttribute generally obtained from a Path.get(SingularAttribute) call

Uses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.predicate

Subclasses of ExpressionImpl in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.predicate
 class AbstractPredicateImpl
          Basic template support for Predicate implementors providing expression handling, negation and conjunction/disjunction handling.
 class AbstractSimplePredicate
          TODO : javadoc
 class BetweenPredicate<Y>
          Models a BETWEEN Predicate.
 class BooleanAssertionPredicate
          Predicate to assert the explicit value of a boolean expression: x = true x = false x <> true x <> false
 class BooleanExpressionPredicate
          Defines a Predicate used to wrap an Expression<Boolean>.
 class BooleanStaticAssertionPredicate
          Predicate used to assert a static boolean condition.
 class ComparisonPredicate
          Models a basic relational comparison predicate.
 class CompoundPredicate
          A compound predicate is a grouping of other predicates in order to convert either a conjunction (logical AND) or a disjunction (logical OR).
 class ExistsPredicate
          Models an EXISTS() predicate
 class ExplicitTruthValueCheck
          ANSI-SQL defines TRUE, FALSE and UNKNOWN as truth values.
 class InPredicate<T>
          Models an [NOT] IN restriction
 class IsEmptyPredicate<C extends Collection>
          Models an IS [NOT] EMPTY restriction
 class LikePredicate
          Models a SQL LIKE expression.
 class MemberOfPredicate<E,C extends Collection<E>>
          Models an [NOT] MEMBER OF restriction
 class NullnessPredicate
          Defines a Predicate for checking the nullness state of an expression, aka an IS [NOT] NULL predicate.

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