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Packages that use IdentifierGenerator
org.hibernate.engine.spi This package contains internal implementation classes for the main API interfaces.   
org.hibernate.internal An internal package containing mostly implementations of central Hibernate APIs of the org.hibernate package. 
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 
org.hibernate.persister.collection This package abstracts the persistence mechanism for collections. 
org.hibernate.persister.entity This package abstracts persistence mechanisms for entities, and defines the Hibernate runtime metamodel. 
org.hibernate.tuple This package defines a runtime metamodel for entities at the object level and abstracts the differences between the various entity modes. 

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.engine.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.spi that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator SessionFactoryImplementor.getIdentifierGenerator(String rootEntityName)
          Get the identifier generator for the hierarchy

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in

Subinterfaces of IdentifierGenerator in
 interface BulkInsertionCapableIdentifierGenerator
          Specialized contract for IdentifierGenerator implementations capable of being used in conjunction with HQL insert statements.
 interface PersistentIdentifierGenerator
          An IdentifierGenerator that requires creation of database objects.
 interface PostInsertIdentifierGenerator

Classes in that implement IdentifierGenerator
 class AbstractPostInsertGenerator
          Basic implementation of the PostInsertIdentifierGenerator contract.
 class AbstractUUIDGenerator
          The base class for identifier generators that use a UUID algorithm.
 class Assigned

An IdentifierGenerator that returns the current identifier assigned to an instance.
 class CompositeNestedGeneratedValueGenerator
          For composite identifiers, defines a number of "nested" generations that need to happen to "fill" the identifier property(s).
 class ForeignGenerator

An Identifier generator that uses the value of the id property of an associated object

One mapping parameter is required: property.
 class GUIDGenerator
          Generates string values using the SQL Server NEWID() function.
 class IdentityGenerator
          A generator for use with ANSI-SQL IDENTITY columns used as the primary key.
 class IncrementGenerator

An IdentifierGenerator that returns a long, constructed by counting from the maximum primary key value at startup.
 class MultipleHiLoPerTableGenerator
          A hilo IdentifierGenerator that returns a Long, constructed using a hi/lo algorithm.
 class SelectGenerator
          A generator that selects the just inserted row to determine the identifier value assigned by the database.
 class SequenceGenerator

Generates long values using an oracle-style sequence.
 class SequenceHiLoGenerator

An IdentifierGenerator that combines a hi/lo algorithm with an underlying oracle-style sequence that generates hi values.
 class SequenceIdentityGenerator
          A generator which combines sequence generation with immediate retrieval through JDBC3 getGeneratedKeys.
 class TableGenerator
          An IdentifierGenerator that uses a database table to store the last generated value.
 class TableHiLoGenerator

An IdentifierGenerator that returns a Long, constructed using a hi/lo algorithm.
 class UUIDGenerator
          An IdentifierGenerator which generates UUID values using a pluggable generation strategy.
 class UUIDHexGenerator

A UUIDGenerator that returns a string of length 32, This string will consist of only hex digits.

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in

Classes in that implement IdentifierGenerator
 class SequenceStyleGenerator
          Generates identifier values based on an sequence-style database structure.

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in

Methods in that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator IdentifierGeneratorFactory.createIdentifierGenerator(String strategy, Type type, Properties config)
          Given a strategy, retrieve the appropriate identifier generator instance.

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in

Methods in that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator DefaultIdentifierGeneratorFactory.createIdentifierGenerator(String strategy, Type type, Properties config)

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.internal that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator SessionFactoryImpl.getIdentifierGenerator(String rootEntityName)

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.mapping

Methods in org.hibernate.mapping that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator Component.createIdentifierGenerator(IdentifierGeneratorFactory identifierGeneratorFactory, Dialect dialect, String defaultCatalog, String defaultSchema, RootClass rootClass)
 IdentifierGenerator SimpleValue.createIdentifierGenerator(IdentifierGeneratorFactory identifierGeneratorFactory, Dialect dialect, String defaultCatalog, String defaultSchema, RootClass rootClass)
 IdentifierGenerator KeyValue.createIdentifierGenerator(IdentifierGeneratorFactory identifierGeneratorFactory, Dialect dialect, String defaultCatalog, String defaultSchema, RootClass rootClass)

Constructors in org.hibernate.mapping with parameters of type IdentifierGenerator
Component.ValueGenerationPlan(String propertyName, IdentifierGenerator subGenerator, Setter injector)

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.metamodel.binding

Methods in org.hibernate.metamodel.binding that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator EntityIdentifier.createIdentifierGenerator(IdentifierGeneratorFactory factory, Properties properties)
 IdentifierGenerator EntityIdentifier.getIdentifierGenerator()

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.persister.collection

Methods in org.hibernate.persister.collection that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator AbstractCollectionPersister.getIdentifierGenerator()
 IdentifierGenerator CollectionPersister.getIdentifierGenerator()
          Get the surrogate key generation strategy (optional operation)

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.persister.entity

Methods in org.hibernate.persister.entity that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator AbstractEntityPersister.getIdentifierGenerator()
 IdentifierGenerator EntityPersister.getIdentifierGenerator()
          Determine which identifier generation strategy is used for this entity.

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.test.annotations.type

Classes in org.hibernate.test.annotations.type that implement IdentifierGenerator
 class MyOidGenerator

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.test.cid

Classes in org.hibernate.test.cid that implement IdentifierGenerator
 class PurchaseRecordIdGenerator
          Simple IdentityGenerator implementation for testing composite-id.

Uses of IdentifierGenerator in org.hibernate.tuple

Methods in org.hibernate.tuple that return IdentifierGenerator
 IdentifierGenerator IdentifierProperty.getIdentifierGenerator()

Methods in org.hibernate.tuple with parameters of type IdentifierGenerator
static IdentifierProperty PropertyFactory.buildIdentifierProperty(EntityBinding mappedEntity, IdentifierGenerator generator)
          Generates an IdentifierProperty representation of the for a given entity mapping.
static IdentifierProperty PropertyFactory.buildIdentifierProperty(PersistentClass mappedEntity, IdentifierGenerator generator)
          Generates an IdentifierProperty representation of the for a given entity mapping.

Constructors in org.hibernate.tuple with parameters of type IdentifierGenerator
IdentifierProperty(String name, String node, Type type, boolean embedded, IdentifierValue unsavedValue, IdentifierGenerator identifierGenerator)
          Construct a non-virtual identifier property.
IdentifierProperty(Type type, boolean embedded, boolean hasIdentifierMapper, IdentifierValue unsavedValue, IdentifierGenerator identifierGenerator)
          Construct a virtual IdentifierProperty.

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