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Packages that use CacheEntry
org.infinispan.container Data containers which store cache entries. 
org.infinispan.container.entries Entries which are stored in data containers. 
org.infinispan.context Contexts contain information of a specific invocation on the cache, such as its origins, scope (transactional or non-transactional), as well as invocation-specific flags. 
org.infinispan.context.impl This package contains different context implementations, selected dynamically based on the type of invocation. 
org.infinispan.distribution Classes relating to the distributed cache mode. 
org.infinispan.interceptors Infinispan is designed around a set of interceptors around a data container. 
org.infinispan.transaction.xa XA transaction support. 
org.infinispan.util.concurrent.locks Lock and synchronization related classes, tools and utilities. 

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.container

Methods in org.infinispan.container that return CacheEntry
 CacheEntry EntryFactoryImpl.wrapEntryForReading(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
 CacheEntry EntryFactory.wrapEntryForReading(InvocationContext ctx, Object key)
          Wraps an entry for reading.

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.container.entries

Subinterfaces of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.container.entries
 interface InternalCacheEntry
          Interface for internal cache entries that expose whether an entry has expired.
 interface MVCCEntry
          An entry that can be safely copied when updates are made, to provide MVCC semantics

Classes in org.infinispan.container.entries that implement CacheEntry
 class AbstractInternalCacheEntry
          An abstract internal cache entry that is typically stored in the data container
 class ImmortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is immortal/cannot expire
 class MortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is mortal.
 class NullMarkerEntry
          A marker entry to represent a null for repeatable read, so that a read that returns a null can continue to return null.
 class NullMarkerEntryForRemoval
          A null entry that is read in for removal
 class ReadCommittedEntry
          A wrapper around a cached entry that encapsulates read committed semantics when writes are initiated, committed or rolled back.
 class RepeatableReadEntry
          An extension of ReadCommittedEntry that provides Repeatable Read semantics
 class TransientCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is transient, i.e., it can be considered expired after a period of not being used.
 class TransientMortalCacheEntry
          A cache entry that is both transient and mortal.

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.context

Methods in org.infinispan.context that return CacheEntry
 CacheEntry EntryLookup.lookupEntry(Object key)
          Retrieves an entry from the collection of looked up entries in the current scope.

Methods in org.infinispan.context that return types with arguments of type CacheEntry
 BidirectionalMap<Object,CacheEntry> EntryLookup.getLookedUpEntries()
          Retrieves a map of entries looked up within the current scope.

Methods in org.infinispan.context with parameters of type CacheEntry
 void EntryLookup.putLookedUpEntry(Object key, CacheEntry e)
          Puts an entry in the registry of looked up entries in the current scope.

Method parameters in org.infinispan.context with type arguments of type CacheEntry
 void EntryLookup.putLookedUpEntries(Map<Object,CacheEntry> lookedUpEntries)

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.context.impl

Fields in org.infinispan.context.impl with type parameters of type CacheEntry
protected  BidirectionalLinkedHashMap<Object,CacheEntry> NonTxInvocationContext.lookedUpEntries

Methods in org.infinispan.context.impl that return CacheEntry
 CacheEntry LocalTxInvocationContext.lookupEntry(Object key)
 CacheEntry NonTxInvocationContext.lookupEntry(Object k)
 CacheEntry RemoteTxInvocationContext.lookupEntry(Object key)

Methods in org.infinispan.context.impl that return types with arguments of type CacheEntry
 BidirectionalMap<Object,CacheEntry> LocalTxInvocationContext.getLookedUpEntries()
 BidirectionalMap<Object,CacheEntry> NonTxInvocationContext.getLookedUpEntries()
 BidirectionalMap<Object,CacheEntry> RemoteTxInvocationContext.getLookedUpEntries()

Methods in org.infinispan.context.impl with parameters of type CacheEntry
 void LocalTxInvocationContext.putLookedUpEntry(Object key, CacheEntry e)
 void NonTxInvocationContext.putLookedUpEntry(Object key, CacheEntry e)
 void RemoteTxInvocationContext.putLookedUpEntry(Object key, CacheEntry e)

Method parameters in org.infinispan.context.impl with type arguments of type CacheEntry
 void LocalTxInvocationContext.putLookedUpEntries(Map<Object,CacheEntry> lookedUpEntries)
 void NonTxInvocationContext.putLookedUpEntries(Map<Object,CacheEntry> lookedUpEntries)
 void RemoteTxInvocationContext.putLookedUpEntries(Map<Object,CacheEntry> lookedUpEntries)

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.distribution

Methods in org.infinispan.distribution with parameters of type CacheEntry
 void DistributionManagerImpl.transformForL1(CacheEntry entry)
 void DistributionManager.transformForL1(CacheEntry entry)
          Transforms a cache entry so it is marked for L1 rather than the primary cache data structure.

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.interceptors

Methods in org.infinispan.interceptors with parameters of type CacheEntry
protected  void DistLockingInterceptor.commitEntry(CacheEntry entry)
protected  void LockingInterceptor.commitEntry(CacheEntry entry)

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.transaction.xa

Methods in org.infinispan.transaction.xa that return CacheEntry
 CacheEntry RemoteTransaction.lookupEntry(Object key)
 CacheEntry CacheTransaction.lookupEntry(Object key)
 CacheEntry TransactionXaAdapter.lookupEntry(Object key)

Methods in org.infinispan.transaction.xa that return types with arguments of type CacheEntry
 BidirectionalMap<Object,CacheEntry> RemoteTransaction.getLookedUpEntries()
 BidirectionalMap<Object,CacheEntry> CacheTransaction.getLookedUpEntries()
 BidirectionalMap<Object,CacheEntry> TransactionXaAdapter.getLookedUpEntries()

Methods in org.infinispan.transaction.xa with parameters of type CacheEntry
 void RemoteTransaction.putLookedUpEntry(Object key, CacheEntry e)
 void CacheTransaction.putLookedUpEntry(Object key, CacheEntry e)
 void TransactionXaAdapter.putLookedUpEntry(Object key, CacheEntry e)

Uses of CacheEntry in org.infinispan.util.concurrent.locks

Methods in org.infinispan.util.concurrent.locks with parameters of type CacheEntry
 boolean LockManagerImpl.possiblyLocked(CacheEntry entry)
 boolean LockManager.possiblyLocked(CacheEntry entry)
          Inspects the entry for signs that it is possibly locked, and hence would need to be unlocked.

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