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Packages that use Marshaller

Uses of Marshaller in org.jboss.cache

Methods in org.jboss.cache that return Marshaller
 Marshaller CacheImpl.getMarshaller()
 Marshaller CacheSPI.getMarshaller()
          Retrieves an instance of a Marshaller, which is capable of converting Java objects to bytestreams and back in an efficient manner, which is also interoperable with bytestreams produced/consumed by other versions of JBoss Cache.

Uses of Marshaller in org.jboss.cache.loader

Methods in org.jboss.cache.loader that return Marshaller
protected  Marshaller AbstractCacheLoader.getMarshaller()

Uses of Marshaller in org.jboss.cache.marshall

Classes in org.jboss.cache.marshall that implement Marshaller
 class AbstractMarshaller
          Abstract AbstractMarshaller for JBoss Cache.
 class CacheMarshaller200
          An enhanced marshaller for RPC calls between CacheImpl instances.
 class VersionAwareMarshaller
          A delegate to various other marshallers like CacheMarshaller200.