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1.3. Where do I get started?

Depending on exactly which PicketLink features you'd like to use, getting started can be as simple as adding the PicketLink jar libraries to your project (see Section 1.6, “Maven Dependencies” below for more info) and writing a few lines of code.
To get started using PicketLink Identity Management to manage the users and other identity objects in your application, you can head straight to Section 3.2, “Getting Started - The 5 Minute Guide”.
If you don't wish to use PicketLink IDM but would like to use PicketLink for authentication in your Java EE application but control the authentication process yourself then head to Section 2.3.1, “A Basic Authenticator” for simplistic example which you may adapt for your own application.
If you want to take a look on how to enable authorization to your application then head to Section 11.1, “Overview”.
If you want to take a look on how to enable authentication and authorization to your application HTTP resources and pages then head to Chapter 12, Http Security.
If you wish to use SAML SSO then you can head to Chapter 14, Federation.


We are still migrating the SAML support documentation. Please, take a look at for more information.
For new users, we recommend the following steps for a better and speed learning of PicketLink:

1.3.1. QuickStarts

Please head to Chapter 15, PicketLink Quickstarts for more information about our quickstarts, covering some useful usecases and most of PicketLink features.